Bio/Healthcare Business

We are working hard to develop promising new industriesthat can change the future of mankind.

As our engine for new growth, we have been pursuing strategic investment and acquisition of original technologies for business diversification in the Bio/Healthcare area since 2018.

Soulbrain Holdings is expanding our global business, from in vitro diagnostics to life sciences and health & beauty.

[In vitro diagnostics] In this area, our M&A strategy began with the acquisition of ARK Diagnostics, Inc. (Fremont CA, August 2018), a company possessing specialized assay technology in the area of Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (TDM), and PixCell Medical Technologies Ltd. (Yokneam Illit, Israel, February 2021), who are focusing on business development with their AI & imaging technology-based Point-of-Care (POC) automated hematology analyzer. These two diagnostics platforms have both human and veterinary applications, and are building business partnerships with global companies. In addition, through the acquisition of Roswell ME Inc. (San Diego, CA, December 2022), which possesses biosensor technology based on the CMOS process, we are striving to develop a next generation analysis platform.

[Life sciences] We adopted the specialized nanoparticle-based proteomics analysis technology of Seer, Inc. (Redwood City, CA), and have been providing proteomics analysis services in Korea as a Center of Excellence (CoE) since May, 2022. The Seer Proteograph™ is an innovative technology that can be used to develop new biomarkers based on its ability to detect rare, low-concentration proteins that could not previously be detected by existing proteomics platforms.

[Health & Beauty] We incorporated Genic Co., Ltd., which launched Korea’s first facial mask pack applying transdermal permeable hydrogel manufacturing technology, as an affiliate in October, 2015, and have since been supplying products of unrivaled quality to customers around the world. We continuously strive to discover new functional substances to provide healthy skincare, anti-aging, and age-delaying effects. Additionally, we acquired GeneChem Inc.(January, 2021), a company which succeeded in the development of an innovative “One Pot Platform” for the production of sialyllactose, an oligosaccharide component of breast milk, for which we are promoting commercialization at home and abroad through the establishment of a mass production base. Sialyllactose is a functional biomaterial that has been demonstrated by leading research institutes to have effects such as improved immunity, cartilage protection, muscle development, and improved cognition.

Bio/Healthcare Business
  • In vitro diagnostics

    [ POC ]

    [ TDM, UDT ]

    [ Biosensor ]

  • Life science

    [ CoE & Biomarker ]

  • Health & Beauty

    [ HMO & Supplements & Cure ]

    [ Cosmetics ]

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Proteomic Analysis Service Proteomics Analysis (CoE) Service

As an official partner of Seer, Inc., we are using the Seer Proteograph™ to provide unbiased protein sample preparation and LC/MS analysis services.

ProteographTM Technology

Automation Device

Reagent kit
Enables the detection of various rare proteins through the utilization of 5 nanoparticles with specialized physicochemical properties
Sample prep device
Prevention of human error through complete automation
ProteographTM Advantages
  • Enables acquisition of data throughout the entire dynamic range of biofluids such as serum and plasma
  • Overcoming the limitations of traditional LC/MS sample prep methods such as depletion/fractionation to provide unbiased global proteome profiling
  • More Protein IDs

  • Improved detection ratio of low abundant proteins

  • Outstanding Reproducibility

Source : Engineered nanoparticles enable deep proteomics studies at scale by leveraging tunable nano-bio interactions. PNAS, 2022, vol.119(11)

Analysis Services
  • We are providing 2 customized services according to customer needs.
    Service ①: Sample Prep. (provision of lyophilized peptides)
    Service ②: Sample Prep. + LC/MS Analysis (provision of analysis results)
  • Input Sample& Nanoparticles

  • 1

    Protein Corona Formation

  • 2

    Incubation& Wash

  • 3

    Protein Digestion

  • 4

    Peptide Clean Up

  • 5

    Mass Spec (Orbitrap Exploris™ 480)

  • 6

    Data Analysis

Service 1
Service 2
Key Equipment / Software
  • SP100 Instrument

  • Orbitrap Exploris™ 480

  • Analysis Software

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